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Why Even Bad Innovation is Good

Andrew Hargadon’s article in Strategy+Business, Bad Innovation is Just What Your Company Needs, makes a case for innovation regardless of whether or not it results in a new hit product or market disruption. This argument is similar to our assertion … Continue reading

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Why Go the Extra Mile to Recruit Talented Female Board Directors? Not for the Reasons We’ve Been Told.

When I started reading Kim Elsesser’s Forbes article, The Truth About Women’s Impact on Corporate Boards (It’s Not Good News), the “not good news” part gave me pause – until I read the article. Elsesser debunks three widely promoted arguments … Continue reading

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Are Women Leaders Bolder than Men?

Harvard Business Review published an article in April that highlights a study of boldness between male and female leaders. The researchers created a “boldness index” of seven behaviors, then compared these between men and women using their 360-degree review database … Continue reading

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I’m excited to announce that my latest book, The Moonshot Effect, Disrupting Business as Usual, just “hit the shelves” on Amazon. Many people have asked how the book came about. Here’s the story.

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Hot Yoga

  Get down on your knees. Take a thirsty drink of water. Wipe your face with a towel. Count the drops of sweat dripping off the tip of your nose. Listen to the instructions you’re ignoring for the pose you’re … Continue reading

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The ROI of Sponsorship and Corporate Giving

For many years, leading brands have leveraged sponsorships as an effective way to build brand awareness. Companies put their name on a stadium for the world to see, or develop sponsorships with globally consistent brands to increase their brand exposure. … Continue reading

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Ask Kate: How can I stand out in front of the CEO?

Dear Kate, I have an audience with our CEO to present our newest product initiative. How do I make sure it’s a success and that I make a great impression? Nervous in New England Dear Nervous, To make a positive … Continue reading

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