Strategy: Invest Aggressively in Three Areas

Invest 3 areasThis must-read article by Chris Zook in Harvard Business Review argues that the best way to invest is not to spread your money around evenly, but instead invest aggressively – 10x the typical investment – in three areas: Continue reading

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Why Even Bad Innovation is Good

innovationAndrew Hargadon’s article in Strategy+Business, Bad Innovation is Just What Your Company Needs, makes a case for innovation regardless of whether or not it results in a new hit product or market disruption. This argument is similar to our assertion in our book, The Moonshot Effect, that launching a Moonshot brings benefits – the effect – that go well beyond a successful business outcome. Continue reading

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Why Go the Extra Mile to Recruit Talented Female Board Directors? Not for the Reasons We’ve Been Told.

women on boards

When I started reading Kim Elsesser’s Forbes article, The Truth About Women’s Impact on Corporate Boards (It’s Not Good News), the “not good news” part gave me pause – until I read the article.

Elsesser debunks three widely promoted arguments about the impact of women on corporate boards. And it’s about time. These three arguments for diversifying a board with women directors have never rung true to me – and I’m sure they don’t ring true to others experienced in board service. Continue reading

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Are Women Leaders Bolder than Men?


Harvard Business Review published an article in April that highlights a study of boldness between male and female leaders. The researchers created a “boldness index” of seven behaviors, then compared these between men and women using their 360-degree review database of 75,000 leaders. These bold leaders: Continue reading

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Moonshot Cover on Moon

I’m excited to announce that my latest book, The Moonshot Effect, Disrupting Business as Usual, just “hit the shelves” on Amazon.

Many people have asked how the book came about. Here’s the story. Continue reading

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Hot Yoga


Hot YogaGet down on your knees. Take a thirsty drink of water. Wipe your face with a towel. Count the drops of sweat dripping off the tip of your nose. Listen to the instructions you’re ignoring for the pose you’re not doing. Count how many are left ‘till it’s over. Bad idea. Wipe away hair stuck on your sweaty forehead. Listen to the breathing of people near you. Ignore the grunting of the woman to your right. Relive each time you lost your balance. Stifle the gag reflex. Think about poses you hate that still await you. Glance at the clock. Consider leaving. Sit up. Look at the door. Plan your escape route. Evade the eye of your instructor. Take another drink of water. Glance enviously at the perfect Yogini to your left. Lay your head down on your matt. Calm your breathing. Will your heartbeat to slow. Imagine swimming in a snow fed river. Cut yourself some slack. Decide to stay. Talk to yourself lovingly like you would to a child. Take another drink. Stand up slowly. Let your arms fall limp to your side. Take one big deep cleansing breath. Exhale slowly. Prepare for the next pose. Be kind and gentle. Don’t push. Just breathe.

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The ROI of Sponsorship and Corporate Giving

ROI Sponsorship corporate givingFor many years, leading brands have leveraged sponsorships as an effective way to build brand awareness. Companies put their name on a stadium for the world to see, or develop sponsorships with globally consistent brands to increase their brand exposure. But what results are these impressions driving? How much impact do they have on sales? At best companies predict estimates of brand impact, but in reality there has been little hard data on the return on investment (ROI). Continue reading

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