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Strategy: Invest Aggressively in Three Areas

This must-read article by Chris Zook in Harvard Business Review argues that the best way to invest is not to spread your money around evenly, but instead invest aggressively – 10x the typical investment – in three areas:

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Why Even Bad Innovation is Good

Andrew Hargadon’s article in Strategy+Business, Bad Innovation is Just What Your Company Needs, makes a case for innovation regardless of whether or not it results in a new hit product or market disruption. This argument is similar to our assertion … Continue reading

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Why Go the Extra Mile to Recruit Talented Female Board Directors? Not for the Reasons We’ve Been Told.

When I started reading Kim Elsesser’s Forbes article, The Truth About Women’s Impact on Corporate Boards (It’s Not Good News), the “not good news” part gave me pause – until I read the article. Elsesser debunks three widely promoted arguments … Continue reading

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Are Women Leaders Bolder than Men?

Harvard Business Review published an article in April that highlights a study of boldness between male and female leaders. The researchers created a “boldness index” of seven behaviors, then compared these between men and women using their 360-degree review database … Continue reading

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